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With the FLIR ETS320

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Online — FLIR Systems has published a customer testimonial video* from Highland Technology Inc. (San Francisco, CA) in which staff describe their experience of using a FLIR ETS320 benchtop thermal imaging system which has made electronics design testing easier and more efficient.

Highland Technology designs and manufactures standard and custom electronics for high-precision analog measurement and signal generation, data acquisition and control instrumentation, pulse and picosecond timing delay generation, fiberoptic/photonics, and mixed technology products for demanding aerospace and defense, scientific, and industrial applications.

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The FLIR ETS320 thermal imaging solution is a camera purpose-designed for quick temperature checks on PCB boards and electronic devices in the lab.

Using the FLIR ETS320 enables engineers and technicians to save time and eliminate guesswork by measuring temperatures across more than 76,000 points at once with its sensitive, accurate 320 x 240 detector.

Engineered specifically for lab electronics testing, the FLIR ETS 320 is battery powered and offers the convenience of hands-free operation.

Information collected by the FLIR ETS320 is streamed via a USB port to your PC for immediate analysis and sharing of thermal data.

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Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, FLIR Systems is a world-leading maker of sensor systems that enhance perception and heighten awareness, helping to save lives, improve productivity, and protect the environment. Through its nearly 3,500 employees, FLIR’s vision is to be “The World’s Sixth Sense” by leveraging thermal imaging and adjacent technologies to provide innovative, intelligent solutions for security and surveillance, environmental and condition monitoring, outdoor recreation, machine vision, navigation, and advanced threat detection.

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The Snell Group Will Be Presenting at the 2018 International Maintenance Conference, IMC-2018

Barre, VT, June 21, 2018: The Snell Group is proud to announce they will be presenting at the International Maintenance Conference taking place December 10-14, in Bonita Springs, FL. This is a professional learning and networking conference.

INC-2018 The Intersection of Asset management and Reliability, is focused on creating and supporting an effective high reliability culture. Attendees learn how to make the best reliability decisions in order to achieve organizational objectives.

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Video FAQs About Thermal Infrared Thermography

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Online  — For nearly 40 years, Infraspection Institute have prided themselves on providing world-class training, certification, and support for infrared thermographers from around the globe.

As part of our commitment to supporting our graduates and the profession of thermography at large, Infraspection are pleased to announce a unique resource for practicing thermographers – Video FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Produced by Infraspection Institute personnel, our video FAQs provide accurate, straightforward answers to the most commonly asked questions in thermography and thermal imaging.

Hosted online by Infraspection Institute, these short videos (less than 60 seconds) are available to anyone wishing to add professional content to their website(s). Subscribers are able to select the questions which are most appropriate for their website. Participation is voluntary and one may opt out at any time.

Best of all, this unique service is provided FREE of charge.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply fill out the Video FAQ Subscription Form by providing the requested information. Be sure your email address is correct in order that we may contact you with important updates for our video FAQs as they become available. Because we value your privacy, your information is kept confidential and will never be sold or shared with others without your express consent.

For more information call 609-239-4788 or email

Also, visit the Video FAQs page at:


Presently Available FAQs

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