Welcome to iThermographer, a Web Resource for Thermal Infrared Camera users, started by  Ray Peacock, a semi-retired physicist with a thermographer’s background*, along with some additional inputs from selected resources around the world.

It provides a searchable repository of news and commented web links to resources for those interested in best using thermal infrared Imagers, thermal Radiation Thermometers (including Infrared Thermometers)  and thermal Infrared Night Vision devices.

It also is a place where users may share their experiences easily by commenting on any previously published article and resource paper or by submitting their own stories of successes and failures.

Even more so, hope you benefit and return to share.

That’s the way the Web works best!

Best wishes,

Ray Peacock

G. Raymond Peacock
Temperatures.com, Inc.


352 Second Street Pike #202
Southampton, PA 18966 USA


  • Back in the Eighties, Ray worked with Infraspection Institute to develop their Level II training course for Thermographers and taught it several times. He also took and passed the Level I training as part of his introduction to the practice side of thermography.
  • His industrial background is rooted in Infrared Temperature measurement beginning with 16 years in the Land Instruments organization in many key technical and managerial roles.
  • He later became the infrared Temperature specialist for the LTV Steel Company and helped solve several process monitoring and control problems using thermal imaging equipment, including Galvanealing process control, linked line scanners on hot strip rolling mills, and detection of slag on liquid steel pouring streams. He received the ThermoSense Best Paper award on that last topic in 1999. He also contributed two significant infrared temperature measurement papers to the Eighth International Temperature Symposium in 2002.
  • During that time he developed the “About Temperature Sensors” website (Temperatures.com) which was for many years the top-rated web resource on temperature sensors by Google, Bing, Yahoo and others (until the Google “Panda fiasco” came along). In the meanwhile, two of his other websites, IRApps.com and TempSensorNEWS.com have grown steadily and provide unique news and repository resources on both new and traditional topics on temperature sensors, infrared thermometry, thermal imaging and moisture sensors. He also established and still maintains a unique online resource on Emissivity and Emittance at SpectralEmissivity.com.
  • He has been an active member of The ThermoSense Conference, since the mid-90’s including contributions as Conference Chairman, Session Chair, and Speaker on many occasions.
  • He has also been a supporter and contributor to the IR/INFO Conferences, speaking on subjects as diverse as  calibration  measurement traceability and websites for thermographers.
  • See his LinkedIn page for details at linkedin.com/in/raypeacock.