AMETEK Land Standardises Certificates of Conformity

For fixed thermal imagers and line scanners Online — This means customers now can be assured that when they purchase an AMETEK Land instrument it is provided with a Certificate of Conformity confirming that the instrument has been manufactured and

Continuously Measuring Temperature of Tube Walls

Borescope Increases Know-How for Air Liquide A Case Study THE CHALLENGE Air Liquide’s steam methane reformers, producing hydrogen and carbon dioxide industrial gases, are critical assets and their operation, safety and reliability, are of paramount importance, however they are very

Innovative Infrared Thermal Imaging has Optimised Furnaces Operation

AMETEK Land Case Study at ENCIRC Online —  Encirc, a leading glass manufacturer, has implemented AMETEK Land’s real-time, in-furnace thermal imaging Near infrared Borescope (NIR-B) to optimise furnace operations and introduce reductions in emissions at its Elton plant in Cheshire, UK.

AMETEK Land to Launch Slag Detection System at AISTech 2018

7-10 May  | Philadelphia, PA, USA | Booth 2208 With over 70 years of steel industry application expertise, AMETEK Land offers the SDS-E Slag Detection System as a proven solution for accurate and timely detection of slag carryover in the

Advances in Non-contact Temperature Measurement for Iron & Liquid Steel Production

Free Webinar: April, 17 2018 15:00 GMT Online — In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduces how advances in accurate non-contact measurements across a range of temperatures and under a variety of different application conditions ensures successful steel production and provides Learn More…

AMETEK Land Now Makes Cyclops Infrared Thermometer in India

Cyclops 055L-2F Meltmaster Dronfield, UK — AMETEK Land has announced that it will make a version of its portable Cyclops 055L-2F Meltmaster non-contact (infrared) thermometer in India specifically for the local foundry market. AMETEK Land will as…

Latest Temp Measurement Tech at Refining & Petrochemical Convention

From: News of Temperature & Moisture Sensors

From AMETEK Land Online  —  AMETEK Land will present its latest advancement, the Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-B) 3XR thermal imager, at the 3rd International Refining and Petrochemical Convention. The convention, … Continue reading

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