“Drones’ role in agriculture increasing”

NIR & Visible Camera Imaging “Dwayne Reed has a hard time imagining his job as an agricultural consultant without the use of a cellphone and drone.” ‘It’s all about plant health,’ Reed said. ‘Plants reflect and absorb light. Cameras measure

Aerial Thermal Sensing Helps Develop Crops More Resilient to Climate Change

The HeliPod™ thermal imaging system Meer, Belgium. —  FLIR Systems has published a new application note that describes how scientists at the Australian Plant Phenomics Facility, CSIRO Agriculture & Food, Canberra (Australia) used the HeliPod™ thermal imaging system with a

RedEdge-M Multispectral Camera System

SPIE DCS 2018 | BOOTH NUMBER: 1034 Online — MicaSense helps agriculture specialists and companies make the right decisions for their fields through high quality data from our RedEdge sensor and informed analytics in Atlas. The RedEdgeM is th…

Device Improves Measurement of Relative Humidity

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Using Data Loggers to Find Cooler Zones in a Greenhouse

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New Infrared Temperature Sensor and More

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The effect of temperature on production of bio-oil from straw

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EnviroMonitor Measure. Monitor. Manage.

The easy-to-use, affordable field monitoring system EnviroMonitor gathers intelligence by measuring, monitoring and managing critical field data related climate, irrigation, and cop production. Add almost any sensor you choose to suit your needs and mi…

Infrared Imaging

Infrared imaging on a rainy, windy day

So what does an infrared drone guy do on a rainy windy day… practice.  Happily Flir in conjunction with DJI has upgraded their camera and software to give so many more options.  All the colors and palettes become more vivid and dynamic.  You can even tell how hot your cup of coffee is if you have your drone fired up and running (no propellers) and facing yourself.  The Starbucks coffee was 140 degrees when I first set it on the desk.  Within the first 10 minutes it decreased 20 degrees.  Enough about coffee.

Infrared Imaging    Infrared Imaging    Infrared Imaging    Infrared Imaging

Infrared Drone Uses

The use of drones and infrared imaging are growing.  A lot of people don’t even realize how useful it can be.  I recently had my DJI Inspire Pro with the XT Flir camera flying over a commercial building.  Now I didn’t know were the leaks on the building were, but after careful examination I circled areas of concern on the infrared and presented this to the owner.  Surprise surprise the areas that I circled on the infrared turned out to be close to the leak areas on the building.  Now the owner is educated about his roof leaks on his building and a roofing contractor can come out and accurately repair the roof.

Roof Infrared

Hvac contractors can use infrared to see how hot the units are running and believe me some run very hot compared to others (see picture above, two units running hotter).

Electric companies can inspect transformers and any other part of the electrical systems to find out what is operating inefficiently.  Any type of piping that runs on the outside of a building can be inspected.

Cellular towers can be inspected.

Search and rescue, especially at night reveal vivid pictures of human being trying to hide or run from something.

The energy efficiency of any building can be determined.

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