Continuously Measuring Temperature of Tube Walls

Borescope Increases Know-How for Air Liquide A Case Study THE CHALLENGE Air Liquide’s steam methane reformers, producing hydrogen and carbon dioxide industrial gases, are critical assets and their operation, safety and reliability, are of paramount importance, however they are very

Advances in Non-contact Temperature Measurement for Iron & Liquid Steel Production

Free Webinar: April, 17 2018 15:00 GMT Online — In this webinar, AMETEK Land introduces how advances in accurate non-contact measurements across a range of temperatures and under a variety of different application conditions ensures successful steel production and provides Learn More…

Fundamentals of non-contact temperature measurement

Published on Mar 13, 2017 as a live webinar In this archived webinar, AMETEK Land’s Richard Gagg discussed the foundations behind non-contact temperature measurement systems. Attendees were presented with many Continue reading →