New CRT Fall Class Schedule – More classes coming!

Why should you take a Certified Residential Thermographer (CRT) Class?


  • If you are not using infrared technology in your Home Inspections, you should be. Infrared typically pays for itself in six months to a year and becomes a profit-maker, depending how you market it.


  • If you are using infrared technology without training, you are at risk of inaccurate results.


  • Although some referrals may not yet appreciate infrared because they are uneducated about it, infrared inspections are quickly becoming an expected service throughout the country. Don’t miss the boat!
  • CRT students can save money by purchasing a CRT Class & Camera Package. You take the class, and then have up to 30 days after the class to use the camera discount. Plus, you receive Monroe’s excellent customer service and professional advice based on 34 years of infrared experience.


  • CRT Graduates receive the CRT logo, Vehicle Stickers, Patches and other materials to use in your marketing, giving you an advantage over non-certified infrared inspectors.


  • CRT Graduates earn 16 CE’s for ASHI & InterNACHI and CE’s from numerous states.


Here’s the new fall class schedule:

Go to the Training Tab and the CRT page to register.

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MCR3 Long Range MWIR Thermal imaging Binocular PTZ

MCR3 Ultra Long Range MWIR Multi Function
Rugged Thermal Imaging binocular

Long range MWIR Thermal imaging FLIR
*Ultra Long Range MWIR Imaging with Narrow FOV up to 0.9 Degrees
*Long Range Laser Rangefinder
*IR Laser Pointer
*GEO Location onboard features
*Battery/External power operation
*Tripod / PTZ Mountable
*Includes Tripod & PTZ motor
*Onboard Image Storage
*Includes External Color screen with SD card video recording
*BNC live real time video output pipes live imagery to monitors, pc, COTS recording devices
*Rugged all weather construction, includes all standard accessories/Hard case
*Includes MWIR Afocal Beam Expander for extended Range imaging

Long range thermal imaging FLIR human detection


High resolution, large format 640×480 mid-wave InSb sensor Instant-on, long-wave channel

Medium, Long Range & Ultra Narrow Field of views (11 Degree V / 4 Degree V / 0.9 Degree V) With supplied Beam expander

Internal Global Positioning Sensor (GPS) and Digital Magnetic Compass (DMC) and modular Laser Rangefinder (LRF)

IR laser pointer Built in

Flexible remote control, power and video options Lightweight and rugged Mil STD 810-F qualified

New automatic digital image processing techniques Runs for over 4 hours on D cell LI batteries Modular design for future upgrades

long range thermal flir km kilometer human detection detect


Delivers unmatched range performance and image quality

Provides fast situational awareness and a redundant sensor

Perfectly matched zoom settings for the short, medium and long range reconnaissance mission

Provides precision geo location of targets with eye-safe laser rangefinder

Offers additional tactical advantage when coupled with night vision equipment

Can be configured for tripod use with full remote control with video output for continuous operation

Reduces operator fatigue for long duration missions without sacrificing field hardening

Offers image detail unmatched by analog systems Get long run times on commercially available batteries

Offers mission flexibility and customization based on your requirements


MCR long range Thermal Binocular


long range thermal ptz camera

Description and specifications subject to change with out notice,
Items described Herein require US State department license for Export!

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Royal Society snubs their research as well as crucial Arctic researchers

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Roof Infrared Required

Building Owners, Condominium boards, Apartment complexes or any owner of a flat roof need to require an infrared scan of their roofs.  A simple clause in the quote requirements which states “ROOF INFRARED REQUIRED”.  Infrared cameras mounted onto a drone make the process very economical for the information that one will receive.  Heat losses, higher radiant heat, roof emissivity, ponding water or different colors of roofing material all play a part in proper determination of what is going on under your roof system.

Core samples

Yes a core sample of your roof can tell how many roof layers are installed over the deck.  It can also tell where there is moisture within the core sample.  However it is only giving a microcosm  of the roof system’s moisture trapped under the roof system.  Core samples can help the roofing contractor determine how many layers, how thick the roof is, whether there is insulation and possibly how difficult it is to tear off the roof system.  The best scenario and the most economical is to find out the existing roof can be roofed over.

Roof Infrared Required

The radiant heat from this roof is proving there is very little or no wet insulation. This proved to be true and was confirmed by the roofing contractor.

Reroof vs Tear Off

There should always be an infrared scan if the existing roof is going to be re-roofed.  Roof infrared required should be inserted into every roof proposal with the option of a reroof.  Larger buildings can have a roof infrared performed quickly and efficiently.  This will tell the contractor as well as the owner just how much wet insulation will need to be removed during the reroof process.  Tearing off an existing roof is a different story.  All the roofing and insulation will be removed and disposed of.  A roof infrared should be brought in on the front end to determine the roof’s need to be tore off.

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Drone Infrared Imaging provides quick assessments

We used to have a saying in my many years of roofing, “If it looks good, it is good”.  Let’s not take the saying to far and let’s only apply it to roofing.  Is it always true, no.  Most of the time, however, it is.

Where should you start to assess your roof?  Drones provide a quick overview of properties.  You can tell a lot from a different perspective.  Pictures, video and infrared scans can reveal a lot about your roof.  A trained professional can recognize damage and or irregularities in the roof system immediately by sending a drone with an HD camera in the air.  An owner or a manager should start with a quick assessment to determine if they need to go deeper in the inspection process.

One of two things will happen.  Repairs are detected through looking at the in flight screen or photographs taken.  This could mean further inspection is needed.  Or no further inspection is needed because the roofs look good.  Talk about money savings!

Infrared Roof Photographs

The above is also true of infrared imaging.  The featured picture shows the buildings in the foreground which need to be replaced.  The buildings in the background have been replaced.  Therefore not all roofs are in need of further inspection.  The radiant heat being emitted from the front roofs is significant, as seen below.  The larger dark blue areas are actually areas of ponding water on the roof.  Insulation saturated with water collapses over time.  As a result, areas of ponding water become more numerous.  Allow Drone Infrared Imaging the opportunity to provide you with the information you need to make smart educated decisions.

Drone Infrared

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Is Calendar Based Prevention Maintenance Passé?

By (Rudy Wodrich)


“Ok team, the long weekend is almost upon us – time for annual electrical switchgear shutdown and maintenance,” said John, the Maintenance Manager.

The small group of electricians and other skilled trades groaned. Annual shutdown was always a hectic mad dash to make sure checklists were completed and everything was put back together again in time for the production restart on Tuesday morning. Everyone remembered last year when an overzealous apprentice, who apparently doubled as a bodybuilder, had over-torqued and stripped the connections on a 3000 Amp breaker in …read more

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Thermal infrared imaging technology in the dairy industry

By Editor

From: News of Temperature & Moisture Sensors & Their Uses

Agricam’s CaDDI Mastitis Online — Swedish company Agricam has developed a thermal infrared imaging based product that then say can directly detect the potential signs of mastitis in dairy cows earlier than traditional methods. Agricam’s thermal imaging system analyses and detects diseases and inflammation amongst herds 24-7. Herd management has never been easier and more precise. During February 2016 Agricam’s clients have increased both milk yield and quality (cell count) with impressive results. Agricam scans over 10 000 analyses per day and detects of animals at …read more

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cooled midwave MWIR and Uncooled longwave LWIR Thermal Infrared imaging FLIR IR cameras

By Mike



I have been using LWIR uncooled and MWIR cooled FLIR thermal infrared imaging FLIR cameras for over 20 years,
Prior to that I have used the green generation I, II and III Image intensified night vision which I was fascinated with.

My first time handling a thermal imaging camera was in 1997 in Southern Utah (ST George), A customer had ordered a thermal imager from me and I got him a unit
called the AN/PAS-7 which is one of the first hand held military thermal imaging cameras that used a …read more

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VarioCAM/E HD head high-resolution thermography

By InfraTec GmbH Infrarotsensorik und Messtechnik

From: News of Temperature & Moisture Sensors & Their Uses

Brilliance down to the smallest detail | From InfraTec Dresden, Germany — VarioCAMÆ HD head offers high-resolution thermography for stationary use in the most varied of sectors and application areas The thermal imaging cameras of the series VarioCAMÆ HD head … Continue reading →

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…read more

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