E2T: A Leader in the Petrochemical Industry

By LumaSense Technologies

Over the last year, we’ve been celebrating our 10th Anniversary by sharing the story behind each of our acquisition brands that made us the innovative leader we are today.

E2 Technologies (E2T) was founded in Ventura, California in 1974 and has been well recognized in the petrochemical industry for more than …read more

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Materials for increasing emissivity

By Bob Berry

Air temp 1

The materials below are some that I would normally recommend for increasing the emissivity of materials.

Scotch 33 Tape Consistent emissivity of 0.95
Glyptal Enamel Paint Electrically insulating paint
Dye Penetrant Developer This is easily applied and removed. It has a very high emissivity
Paints, various paints can be used
Some deodorants can be used, usually ones with alumina powder or similar.
Foot powder, this can be brushed off easily when finished.
A light film of oil, or water can be used.

If you can think of any others, please post them below

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