Snell Group’s Upcoming Infrared Training Classes

Barre, VT, USA –The Snell Group is a leading expert on using Infrared Thermography (IR) and Electrical Motor Testing (EMT) to reduce risk, increase up-time, save money, conserve energy, and improve safety. Snell offers infrared training, infrared inspection services, infrared Continue reading →

Fundamentals of non-contact temperature measurement

Published on Mar 13, 2017 as a live webinar In this archived webinar, AMETEK Land’s Richard Gagg discussed the foundations behind non-contact temperature measurement systems. Attendees were presented with many Continue reading →

What material has the best emissivity?

By Bob Berry

Recent I was asked this “What material has the best emissivity?”.

It is a tricky question to answer as first I need to figure out what is meant by “best”. Best could mean, best highest, or best lowest.

Emissivity it not just a material property, it is affected by other factors.

The object with the highest emissivity is called a “blackbody”, this would have an emissivity of 1. Blackbodies however are theoretical objects. The nearest true object to this would be a blackbody simulator, these are used for calibration and would have a typical emissivity of 0.996, so almost black (not to …read more

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