Canine Thermography – Heart Disease

West Highland Terrier - heart disease, osteoarthritis, muscular tightness

Canine thermography – heart disease

West Highland Terrier – heart disease, osteoarthritis, muscular tightness

This is an interesting brief case study of an adorable and playful West Highland Terrier.
Westies are know to suffer from a number of issues including hip, knee, jaw problems as well as kidney, lung and skin diseases… Thus, the caring owners brought this 6 years old male for a check up and to establish a thermographic baseline.
Thermal imaging as an un-invasive and sedation free screening technique that is used for early detection of hard to diagnose animal injury, lameness and disease cases. In our case, thermography proved to be the ideal method to assess this canine’s health.
Our thermography scans revealed several regions of interest that needed to be addressed or further investigated.
The most notable was a diffused hyperthermia that extended over a large area of the left barrel. This was an indication of a developing heart, muscular or bone inflammation. Further clinical examination by a veterinarian was recommended to correlate this finding, as soon as possible.
Moreover, a mild hyperthermia of both hocks and stifles was indication of a joint inflammation or of osteoarthritis in early stages.
Also, focal hyperthermia in the dorsocranial neck indicated muscular tightness that resulted from a nerve impingement in the cervical spine  (…this could have originated in a bad collar fit).
Lastly, a multifocal hyperthermia in the thoracic spine revealed fixations in the mid-spine that needed to be addressed through chiropractic treatment or physiotherapy.
We look forward to this little Westie’s follow up screening as means of monitoring his health and treatment success.