Miami Mold Specialists Acquires Aerial Drone Infrared Technology

Integrates infrared drone technology & mold inspection MIAMI, FL, USA. — /PRNewswire/ — Aerial infrared drone mold inspection, aerial wind and water damage inspection and moisture intrusion detection are just some of the new high-tech services Miami Mold Specialists is Continue reading →

Safe Detection of Carbon Monoxide Leaks

With a FLIR OGI Infrared Camera Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera technology enables its users to see some chemical gases that are invisible to the naked eye. Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas Continue reading →

Exchangeable Lens OGI Cameras Enhance Leak Detection

Existing GF Series OGIs can be retrofitted Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has announced that its GF-series Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are now available with interchangeable 24-degree, 14.5-degree and 6-degree lenses. This new flexibility has been introduced to maximise Continue reading →

OmniVision Unveils Groundbreaking Nyxel™ Near Infrared (NIR) Technology

Machine-Vision and Night-Vision Applications SANTA CLARA, CA, USA — /PRNewswire/ — OmniVision Technologies, Inc., has introduced Nyxel™, a revolutionary near-infrared (NIR) technology that leverages novel silicon semiconductor architectures and processes to tackle challenges that plague existing approaches to NIR detection Continue reading →

InfraMation 2018 is Headed to Austin, Texas

InfraMation, the world’s leading IR training experience and thermal imaging conference, is headed to Austin, Texas September 11-14, 2018.  Join other thermography experts from around the world at the downtown Hilton Austin to learn the latest ther…

Measuring Motor Temperatures

Via Infraspection’s Newsletter Online  —  Measuring motor temperature is often a challenge since electric motors differ widely in their design and construction. While many have suggested measuring the motor casing along the stator, this method does not work well for Continue reading →

Fast & Intrinsically Safe Storage Tank Monitoring

Using FLIR Systems OGI Meer, Belgium — FLIR Systems has published an application note that describes how a Belgian storage tank inspection company are using the FLIR GFx320 optical gas imaging (OGI) camera to monitor for fugitive emissions in hazardous Continue reading →

How aerial thermal imagery is revolutionizing archaeology

From: News of Temperature & Moisture Sensors

Study shows how to use aerial thermography Online  —  A Dartmouth-led study has demonstrated how the latest aerial thermal imagery is transforming archaeology due to advancements in technology. Today’s radiometric thermal cameras coupled with small inexpensive, easy to fly drones, Continue reading →

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